Graphic Designer Internship at MOSI

July 2015 - February 2016

Having the opportunity of interning at MOSI has been a real eye-opener for me. My time there has been a very fulfilling experience. I've got to meet and work with a variety of people. I've also received the opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes of a business, and most of all, I got to do what I love most, which is design. All in all, I've learned a lot throughout my time at MOSI.

BLUE Ocean Film Festival

Graphic Design Volunteer at BLUE Ocean Film Festival

September 2016 - October 2016

Volunteering at BLUE Ocean has been a fun, learning experience. I've helped create some of the posters, which were being displayed at the November 2016 Film Festival in Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. It has been a great feeling, knowing that my services played a big role for the event.

Turning Points

Graphic Design Volunteer at Turning Points

September 2016 - December 2016

Volunteering at Turning Points has been an exciting experience. I've got to meet a variety of people and create some fun designs. It was an amazing feeling having my designs published in the newspaper.

Wings of Love, Inc.

Graphic Design Volunteer at Wings of Love, Inc.

March 2017

I've volunteered my design services at Wings of Love, Inc. It's always a great feeling having the opportunity to create posters the way you intend.

Meredith Creative Marketing

Independent Contractor Graphic Designer at Meredith Creative Marketing

August 2017 - November 2018

I've landed a position as an independent contractor with Meredith Creative Marketing. I've helped create door hangers, info sheets, and Facebook ads, which was very exciting for me. What a wondeful experience it has been.


Freelance Graphic Designer

November 2018 - Present

I started freelancing on Upwork in November of 2018 and it has really been a valuable experience. I get to do what I enjoy and set my own hours. I am always learning new things and working on something different every time, which is a great feeling.